By Olive oil rescuers managed to save a naked man from washing machine !

Emergency services had 20 minutes to release a naked man Mooroopna a top loading washing machine after a game of hide and seek gone horribly wrong.

Shepparton police Sgt Michelle De Araugo said the man had tried to get into the washer Saturday afternoon in order to surprise your partner, but he became firmly embedded.

Police, firefighters, paramedics, SES Tatura and Shepparton Search and Rescue Squad had to find a way to maneuver the man to free him from the confined space.

He said that he had " decided to have a little fun while cunning naked " but shortly after climbing in washing machine found he "could not really get fully or completely out and had to ask for help ."

" I really just wanted another beer ," he told the Star FM radio station when asked what was going through his mind when he realized he was trapped .

"I thought ' oh I can easily fit in there because it's pretty big machine ' , but , the way I sat cross-legged , I just could not move them back out ," he said .

The " joker " says self-proclaimed is known to his friends as " Laurence is always naked," stating that it " has been in the strangest places if that's possible."

Supports to panic "a little" at first and says he called a friend to explain your situation .

" He said, ' ? 're Serious ' And I said , 'yes you will have to call the fire guys or something ,'" said Laurence .

"I said ' just call mom or dad, get an angle grinder and just cut [ the team ] in half .'"
Rescuers ' were amazed '

He said that when rescue workers arrived, most of them were surprised and "many of them stayed around in amazement and they just wanted to see for themselves ."

Laurence says they turned to olive oil after working his way through cabinet bathroom soaps and lotions trying to work for free.

"I said, ' just drag the washer and put it on your side , maybe that will help ' as soon as we did that just sort of fell to the ground ," he said .

"It was a bit like a baby. "

    I was quite disappointed used my good olive oil .

He added: "I was quite disappointed used my good olive oil . "

Laurence thanked emergency workers to maintain composure and not ask " too many questions " .

First Previous Constable Lucas Ingram said it was lucky the man was naked.

" I guess if he's going to get into a washing machine that is better if you do not have to wear it out that way," he said.

" I guess the clothing can provide some resistance when trying to remove it.

"My advice would be that people do not climb on the apparatus . Obviously , that causes a number of problems , as we saw in the weekend . "

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