The Base for Olive Gold, Facts Olive Oil

Olive oil is a great item with a large number of applications, from therapeutic functions, for example, protection against cardiovascular disease and most cancers of the characteristics of beauty, for example, providing anti-aging qualities among the most used and used for cooking and baking.

1. Background

The olive harvest is a native of Asia Minor, which go to Iran, Syria, Palestine, and the remaining portion of the Mediterranean basin 6,000 years ago. It really is one of the oldest trees grown on the planet and began growing long before the written word existed.

2. Family

Olive family, also known as the family Oleaceae, includes 600 species found in almost all continents.

3. El Olivo

There are lots of versions of the olive trees that have many similarities and distinctions as much.

4. Harvest

Just about the most discussed among farmers is the time of harvest. Harvesting can be done in several ways, by the hand, picking up the fully mechanical harvest.

5. Maturity Stages

Immature green olives and solid - they generate essential oil is sour grass. These types of oils are full of antioxidants. Once the olive fruit grows, it becomes yellow and begins to soften and the skin is re-purple in the shade (PT). The olives are usually considered as a ring for the processing of essential oil.

6. Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Extra virgin olive oil is essential oil maximum range. It is produced without using chemicals or temperature too much. The best quality essential oils is perfect as a condiment - whether or not rain on the meat, fish or vegetables as a dipping sauce for bread.

7. Flavors

Olive oil flavored essential are determined by a variety of aspects such as how mature olive, harvesting, growing conditions, crop maintenance and management of the olives.

8. Beauty Benefits

The polyphenols in olive oil was also found essential to prevent the aging process and help prevent degenerative diseases. Each time you apply to the hair or scalp, essential olive oil can be used as a conditioner and a strong driver of dandruff.

9. Health Benefits

Scientific studies have shown that olive oil protects against heart-related diseases by the use of LDL (bad) cholesterol levels and raising HDL (good). Some others, of course, essential oils have made a lot monounsaturated fats like olive oil essential. Olive oil also has the power to reduce the result of an oncogene-a gene that will change the right of the host cell into a cancer cell.

10. Storage

Olive oil and products based on olive oil need to be kept in a cool, dark and never in the refrigerator, and ending cloudy and eventually solidify.

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