American Heart Association : Fight Cardiovascular Disease, Extra Virgin Olive Oil Benefitting the Go Red For Women

Olive heart we are in the right place. Based in California Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) Oliva We retailer today announced that for the second consecutive year, it will renew its commitment to the American Heart Association ® Red For Women movement by donating $ 1 per bottle 12 oz Extra Virgin Olive oil sold during the month of February - American Heart Month. We are participating Olive stores in San Francisco, Walnut Creek, Paso Robles, San Luis Obispo, Ventura, Belmont Shore, Costa Mesa and La Jolla.

Cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death in the United States, claiming hundreds of thousands of lives each year. Women who join Go Red For Women receive important information that allows them to take steps to improve their health - including maintaining a heart healthy diet. In 2004, the Food and Drug Administration approved a qualified health claim for olive oil, indicating a lower risk of heart disease. People who regularly use olive oil instead of other fats have lower rates of heart disease, diabetes, cancer and asthma. The best tasting and least processed Extra Virgin Olive Oil offers greater health benefits. Scientists have discovered that EVOO nutrients may protect arteries against attack, calm inflammation and stop the cholesterol becomes dangerous.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil comes from the first edition of freshly harvested olive fruit in good condition. There are no chemicals or excessive heat can be used to extract the oil - only mechanical processes that preserve the integrity of the oil.

"To maximize the benefits of heart-healthy olive oil, simply replace the extra virgin olive oil as alternatives unhealthy saturated fats found in animal products and hydrogenated fats," owner Ruth suggests olive Mercury. "Our ongoing fight against heart disease includes the provision of healthy and delicious recipes and conversion tables for the transition from butter or margarine to olive oil," he adds.

California is becoming internationally renowned for award-winning EVOO. According to the California Olive Oil Council (COOC), more than 200 olive oil producers in California first class, which produce most of the domestic production of olive oil in the nation - an amount that represents about one percent of total U.S. oil olive. However, California has the potential to increase production to meet demand throughout the U.S. olive oil.

We Oliva opened its first store in 2003 to showcase the diversity and high quality of fresh, authentic extra virgin olive oil produced here in the Golden State, eventually expanding to ten stores in California for farmers and staff to share your passion for EVOO as part of "The Olive Oil Experience."

We visitors enjoy olive "The experience of Olive Oil" firsthand, including the opportunity to:

    * EVOOs produced artisan flavor created from unique variety of olives grown in California.
    * More information on the health benefits supported research Extra Virgin Olive Oil, including the recommendation of the FDA for two tablespoons of olive oil per day for good heart health.
    * Discover the diverse and delicious culinary adventure of cooking with artisans to create EVOO and EVOO to incorporate more fully in the daily diet.

? More information on all aspects of olive oil production, including its growth, harvesting, milling, storage, mixing - all of which impact flavor and quality.

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