What are the health benefits of Olive Oil And Vinegar, Superior Flavor

mixtures of olive oil and vinegar, also known as salad dressings, have been a staple in restaurants of quality for decades. This mixture can be used to dress up any number of foods such as salads or poultry dishes. Vinegar oil is often found as an appetizer in Italian restaurants and customers are encouraged to dip their bread in it. The mixture can really make even mundane foods like tomatoes or asparagus seems decadent.

Dressing is basically just a mixture of olive oil and vinegar. It's interesting because the olive oil and vinegar do not mix in order. This is one reason that people are bound to shake up their oil and vinegar dressing before using. If the dressing is left still for even a small amount of time the two begin to separate. The merger of the two while being shaken or stirred is referred to as temporary emulsion.

A house vinegar and olive oil dressing is easy to do. The most important thing to remember is that the ratio of oil to vinegar is always 3 to 1. For example, if a person with three cups of olive oil would be necessary to introduce a cup of vinegar into the mixture. According vinegar that is used and the personal tastes of those who will eat the ratio of vinegar may vary slightly in both directions.

The obvious first choice for this mixture is olive oil. However, any oil that is designated as a "vegetable" or "salad oil" will suffice. Other oils that can be substituted are safflower, canola or soy which all have a taste lighter and neutralized them. The best olive oil to use is the extra virgin olive oil. As for the selection of vinegar, it is better to turn to specialty vinegars that are flavored vinegars such as balsamic, sherry or raspberry. There are a large number of vinegars to choose from and each can give the vinaigrette taste.

Other ingredients that can add layers to the flavor of the dressing is lemon juice or other fruit juice citrus such as lime and orange. Again, this is a matter of personal opinion. In general, dressings do not require a large amount of seasoning and most are only lightly sprinkled with kosher salt and ground white pepper to taste better combination already present.

The best way to mix the olive oil and vinegar is to use a mixer or whisk the ingredients in a stainless steel bowl or glass. It is important to avoid the use of all kitchen items made of aluminum as the acid found in vinegar may react with aluminum and leave the dressing with a metallic taste unpleasant. For best emulsion immediately after mixing, it is best to keep the ingredients at room temperature.

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