Pomace Olive Oil, The Olive Oil Source

If you've ever searched Google for "olive pomace oil, which would have a difficult time finding someone with something nice to say about it, except that it is good for making soap. Now the olive pomace oil is edible, but it is clear, not before it had been "saved." As Fran Gage says in his book, The New American Olive, you can not convert a poor oil in extra virgin olive oil. And I will add a loud "Amen" to that!

The olive-pomace oil is obtained from olive pomace, ground olive pulp left over from pressing extra virgin olive oil and virgin olive oil pressing. To extract oil from olive-pomace is pressed further or treated with hexane or other petroleum solvent. The resulting oil contains many impurities and can undergo various processes of heating and filtering to refine it to an acceptable level. Then mixed with olive oil before it is made available to consumers. Does not sound too delicious to me.

The olive pomace oil is a very "affordable" grade (I'm being nice). In the absence of what some call "taste", this oil is most commonly used for frying. However, with all the wonderful oils on the market today for frying, such as grape seed, I can not imagine why any cook worth his salt would reach for a bottle of olive pomace oil for its fried chicken. Yes, it has a high smoke point, but so is the grapeseed oil and are not sacrificing taste.

A few years ago the Spanish government announced that high levels of pollutants called polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), some of which cause cancer, is found in some products of olive-pomace oil. As a result, the Spanish government introduced a temporary ban olive pomace oil in response to these findings. Just set legal limits on the maximum amount of PAHs in olive oil.

I think the real value of olive pomace oil is elsewhere ... other than the kitchen. Cosmetics and pharmaceuticals seem to benefit more from pomace olive oil for our fried chicken recipes. I mean, let's keep out of the kitchen cabinet and the cabinet. Only one woman in mind ...

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