Olive Trees : Investment With Taste

A green opportunity exciting and rewarding investment is in the Mediterranean basin in the country of Algeria. The Algerian government is involved in a draft plan of one million hectares (2.5 million acres) of olive trees around the country. A Spanish company is participating in this program through a subsidiary in Algeria. The company is allocating a third of its plantation investment program in order to capitalize on its part in this program aimed at increasing green olive production in Algeria, improving infrastructure, processing, and export growth olive oil of high quality. In the world concerned with the planting of trees instead of cutting them down this project is a cost effective means of planting trees and creating jobs, and do a little olive oil well in the process.
Olive oil and Mediterranean
The olive as a fruit and its oil are as old as civilization throughout the Mediterranean. Today the Mediterranean coastal countries produce 95% of world olive oil. The Mediterranean countries also consume 77% of oil. The world market for olive oil is growing. Global consumption has doubled in the decade of 1990 and according to best estimates, have tripled between 2000 and 2020. Therefore, there is a large and growing market for olive oil beyond its historical region. Algerian program is expected to capitalize on the growing demand for olive oil by putting more land into production and improve processing facilities.
Participation in the Project in Algeria
In addition to participating in the project of olive planting the Algerian government of the Spanish company referred to also build a modern processing plant in Algeria. Its subsidiary planted 1,500 hectares (3,750 acres) of olive trees. The company will plant olive arbequinia hyper-intensive variety. The arbequinia can be planted 1,780 trees per hectare. This strain is beginning to bear fruit in three years instead of five, the normal waiting time for olive trees. This variety typically can produce 11 thousand kilos of olives per hectare. The olives generally produce 19% oil. Thus, one hectare of olive trees produce arbequinia 11 000 x 0.19 = 2090 liters of oil.
Out of 1,500 hectares of olives planted firm is the allocation of 500 hectares for the benefit of private investors. Investors will be allocated one hectare and will be paid interest on its investment during the first two years. Since then investors will be paid a reduced interest rate and U.S. $ 2 per liter of oil produced from its acres over ten years. At the time of your initial investment will be returned. As the company will pay investors for the same oil that produces a hectare, the investor has no risk associated with oil prices and export and sale thereof. The company estimates that an investor will earn a 11.4% average annual investment during the years from 3 to 10 and will double your money in the span of ten years investment. The investments will be accepted in increments of $ 49,630 and will entitle the investor the benefits of oil production of one hectare.
Project Size
This whole green project to plant one million hectares. If a block together amount to a hundred square kilometers on a side. This is a plot of land, but we must remember that Algeria is the largest country in the Mediterranean, the second largest in Africa after Sudan, and eleventh in the world.

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