Olive Oil, A True Super Food

Olive oil is a pillar in cultures around the Mediterranean Sea. At times, this oil and fruit from which it originated was used as currency, a way to swim without water for a long time has been a major contributor to food crops around the Mediterranean. For this region, it is an integral part of almost every meal and in some areas than forty percent of the daily life of the average person's caloric intake of olive oil.

With all that fat in food, is certain that these people are asking for heart problems and a host of other problems, right? The answer, however, could not be further from the truth. People who live around the Mediterranean are among the healthiest people around and, on average, have a longer life expectancy than most other cultures around the world.

That olive oil can do?

Olive oil has been shown to help the many facets of health. Firstly, it has been used in traditional medicine for hundreds of years. To date, physicians use natural healing preparations of olive oil in the treatment of many ailments. For example, natural medicine calls for a tonic of olive oil and lemon juice to help treat gallstones. The oil itself is very well tolerated by the stomach. Most people can easily manage the recommended amounts of oil and probably could not handle any other similar amounts of oil. It encourages the production of bile and pancreatic hormones in much better than any drug. This combination helps to break up gallstones naturally.

In addition, there are numerous studies on olive oil and its effects on the body because of the Mediterranean diet showed such promise in terms of healthy lifestyles. Research shows that because it is full of monounsaturated fat levels of control that olive oil can help bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol. This prevents cholesterol plaque from adhering to cell walls and helps prevent heart disease and blood pressure. The number of countries along the Mediterranean Sea in case of heart disease is the proof: There is a case of heart disease to 27 cases per capita in the United States.

There have been studies showing that it avoids a number of different types of cancer. Among them, the most studied is the cancer of the colon. Tests on rats showed a dramatic decrease from what would be the equivalent of two tablespoons per day in humans.

What makes olive oil work?

As mentioned, monounsaturated fat is a major cause of health effects of olive oil. However, there are other elements that contribute to health effects that oil seems to help. Extra virgin olive oil is particularly rich in antioxidants and phenols. The two factors that contribute to heart health and overall health. Both chemicals bind to assist free radicals which otherwise could penetrate cells and cause damage to the walls of DNA and cells. Free radical damage has been linked to cancer as well as being a cause of aging.

As a bonus, o is very high in Omega acids much research omega-3. Most people outside of the Mediterranean has an imbalance of omega-3 omega-6 fatty acids. Omega-6 contribute to the plaque and other issues while omega-3 were exposed to very helpful for overall health and research shows that omega-3 helps prevent heart disease by keeping the arteries flexible and flexible. This prevents the walls developed cracks which then sealed with clots, clots that can grow and lead to a blockage or rupture and cause an embolism or stroke. By helping to maintain a positive balance of omega-3 fatty acids omega-6, olive oil helps to fight against any potential damage that might be made from other foods eaten with olive oil.

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