Olive Oil : One of the Oldest Miracle Food and the best in the world for health and long lifeon

Olive oil is the pure juice pressed from the olive fruit. It has been cultivated for over 5,000 years in the Mediterranean and has been used both as a fuel, food, medicines and cosmetics.

Greece is one of the three olive oil producers in the world - and the Cretan olive oil is the best of them.

Recently, olive oil (and in particular the Extra Virgin Olive Oil) has been recognized as one of the healthiest foods you can get and promote long life and improve resistance to many deadly diseases that are the curse the Western world.

Is not that the fat olive oil?

You can not compare the olive oil with other oils and fats. The best thing is to see as fruit juice. No fat, of course, but this is better than the "fat" you can eat, and is actually good for you.

Olive oil is the only oil or grease produced raw or any chemical or natural processes. Therefore, retains all its (considerable) of vitamins and minerals goodness.

Olive oil:

    * Lowers cholesterol
    * It is free of saturated fats and high in monounsaturated fats
    * Has a natural chemical that is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory that helps reduce the severity and onset of arthritis and asthma.
    * Contains a high percentage of phenols, vitamin E and other anti-oxidant substances protect the body against the negative effects of free radicals and help prevent cancer and slow the aging process.

That olive oil is best?

There is a little oil grade can choose between:

The extra virgin olive oil is pressed from olives without the aid of thermal or other processing, and produces the purest and best oil. This is the most expensive and should use this dressing, especially.

Virgin Olive Oil comes from the second edition and remains a quality flavor oil. Use this herbal tea (and salad dressings as well.)

Pure olive oil is produced using some form of filtering or transformation. This oil is less expensive and can be used for frying. You should do all your fry in this oil. It is very robust, can be used many times without any reduction in taste or quality.

Olive oil should I buy?

Olive oil is in high demand because people are now aware of their health benefits, especially compared to other fats and oils. But who produces the best olive oil?

Due to this demand, producers around the world are turning to the more mechanical and artificial method of production. Even those labeled extra virgin oils can sometimes be simply less quality oils that have had their reduced acidity, as this is a criterion for Extra Virgin brand.

Demand for oil has encouraged more cost cutting production methods through more automation and concentration of production in ever larger factories. These methods result in a less nutritious product.

On the Greek island of Crete, the olive oil production is almost entirely by small farms. Small communities grow and produce olive oil for themselves, their own restaurants, and community in the same way they have for centuries.

Walk through the olive groves in Crete in November to February and you will see families gathered for the harvest, shawls and headscarves wrapped around keep out the chills in the morning. Occasionally you hear the low hum of mechanical machines little stirring gently to beat-laden branches of olives - a concession from Crete to the mechanical age.

Because of this tradition, many people say they can guarantee the authenticity and raw organic Crete Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Consider the soil of Crete, the material from which the olives acquire all his goodness, and you get the reason why olive oil from Crete is the best flavor. Over millions of years, the rains have washed the minerals and nutrients from the mountains and hillsides of this mountainous island, and deposited in the plains and valleys around the coasts - the same place where the rows and rows of trees Olive, about 30 million of them!

Cretan olive oil - the world's best health and long life!

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