Olive Oil Miracle and Health Benefits

Olive oil is not just for cooking. It has become popular because of the benefits it brings to people. In fact, it is a versatile oil. Who would have thought that there are health benefits in using it?

Based on the results of many studies, this oil is known as liquid gold. The oleic acid found in this natural oil is a monounsaturated fatty acid. Some studies have shown that it has a capacity to reduce the effect of an oncogene. Oncogene is a gene that converts a host cell into a cancer cell. Almost all studies show a positive recommendation of how effective it is for people's daily health.

Arthritis - This is inflammation or swelling of the joints in the body. This disease causes pain to people suffering with it. There are millions of people suffering. The high level of monounsaturated fats found in olive oil helps improve joint mobility in people suffering from pain. As a lubricant is the main problem of arthritis. People who include in their diet are significantly less likely to develop arthritis.

Heart Disease - It's best to protect the heart of unhealthy fats. Natural olive oil helps reduce blood pressure. Olive oil controls LDL or bad cholesterol. Bad cholesterol leads to heart disease. Including olive oil in the diet decreases the possibility of obstruction of the artery wall.

Skin Care - olive oil has antioxidant benefits. A composition has been developed by many cosmetics companies that are incorporated in their skin care ingredients. As an antioxidant, helps protect skin from free radicals. It is a good moisturizer making the skin soft and hydrated. Use olive oil for hair care provides a healthy scalp and shiny hair. There are many products developed in the massage oil production giving your skin an extra healthy glow.

Weight loss - People with weight problems should limit their intake of saturated fat found in animal foods such as dairy products and meat. With the three fat, saturated, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats are healthier monounsaturated fats. Some examples include extra virgin olive oil, canola oil and avocados. One of the main reasons why people living in Mediterranean countries of Europe are healthy and in good physical condition due to their diet. They make liberal use of this oil in the kitchen and therefore, is dietary fat. Dietary fat is necessary to lose weight, but the right kind of oil is needed. Use extra virgin olive oil is good and also improves the taste of food.

Diabetes - People with diabetes or at risk of diabetes should monitor their blood sugar levels. With the help of olive oil, this miraculous liquid decreases triglyceride levels. Many doctors advise us to combine low-fat diet rich in carbohydrates with this oil. Such a combination is known to reduce levels of blood sugar.

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