olive oil labelling : what is the changes planned

Proposed national standards for the labeling of olive oil will help end confusion for buyers, says Australian Olive Association.
Words such as pure and light could disappear from the labels.

Imported oil must also comply with labeling rules.

It is consulting on draft standards.

CEO of the olive Lisa Rowntree said current descriptions can sometimes confuse buyers.

"Usually means pure and light that has been bleached and deodorized, and is not extra-virgin olive oil, so there are about 60 percent of these sales of supermarkets that belong to this category in particular, " he said.

"Consumers entering the store in time about 12 months of waiting and will be faced with a very different picture of what we are seeing today and hopefully everything we're seeing, if you say it is oil extra virgin olive oil no matter where it comes from, that's what we are going into the bottle. "

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