Olive oil : How to Get soft hands and feet

Olive oil is well known throughout the world. Not only is it good for you inside has a large number of external benefits. Did you know that can be very useful to soften the hands and feet away?

In the market there are many companies that offer cosmetic and beauty products on the basis of this oil, such as soaps, shower gels, facial creams, body scrubs (with olive seed powder), etc.

What makes extra virgin olive oil so valuable to the skin:

- Holds its texture soft to the touch, as it contains omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids,
- It's full of vitamin E that is a known antioxidant, which makes your skin look younger

Choosing the best olive oil?

- The extra virgin olive oil to achieve the more antioxidant benefits. Virgin means that occurred naturally, without chemicals.
- The best kind of cold-pressed oil, as this mode of production helps to preserve the rich nutrients.
- The color of the product must be green.

Benefits of olive oil for the skin:

- The extra virgin olive oil hydrates the skin very effectively
- Can help with scars: You can reduce the redness
- It will make your hands soft and smooth baby
- Reduces wrinkles and makes skin look younger in a natural way
- It can be very useful if you have very dry skin
- You can see the first effects of olive oil therapy rapidly.

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