Olive Oil for Skin Moisturizer, Skin Age

Olive oil as a moisturizer is good, but you must make sure that you follow some tips before you start using it.

If you do not do these simple things then you might be hurting your skin and it can make you look older not younger, I'm sure you do not want you doing?

There are two varieties of olive oil, there is the nature refined and then there is the extra virgin olive oil cold pressed. The refined oil was heated and denatured, it is the only one who can actually harm your skin.

So when you want to use olive oil as moisturizer you want to ensure it is in its denatured form and avoid any additive or anything in it.

Olive oil is not suitable for every skin type there, some do better with him than the others, it can become very difficult if you want to start using it yourself.

I experienced myself and had mixed results, I much prefer things like jojoba oil and grape seed, and if you can find a care product that contains the skin while you're d gold, they make your skin look amazing.

In collaboration with these two oils that you want to search something called Cynergy TK is a fairly new ingredient.

Using Cynergy TK is almost like cheating, is that good. So if you can find it, then that is good. The most important thing is to avoid harmful chemicals and additives that float in almost all products.

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