Olive Oil Company : on Boston

You can spend several hours of sampling olive oils and balsamic vinegars Boston Olive Oil Company. Owner Patrick Vardaro has assembled a collection of oils and vinegars from around the world and encourages customers to try each and every one. The store opened last fall at 262 Newbury Street.

"We buy all our oils according to crush the date so you always get the freshest oil available, " said Vardaro Fork Lift. "Right now we have 10 varieties (unflavored) 14 oils and flavored oils and balsamic vinegars have 17, 6 white balsamic vinegar, with flavors ranging from black to chocolate, pomegranate and mandarin. All are soothing of at least 12 years. "
Vardaro believes an educated consumer is a satisfied customer.

"Everyone has a chance to try everything before we buy, " he said.

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