Olive Oil The Best, Good Oil for Health Eat

Olive oil is obtained from the fruit of Olea europaea, family Oleaceae. Commonly known as El Olivo. One of the healthiest oils available may be the world's most popular oil is commonly used in the kitchen. In addition, also used in cosmetics and soaps, as well as in pharmaceuticals.

Olive trees are native to areas of the Mediterranean to Spain is the largest global oil producer. It is estimated that some 800,000 olive trees growing around the world with at least 90% of the Mediterranean area.

That is occurring elsewhere in the world with Australia now produces export-quality oil. There is also increasing demand for olive production in South Africa.

There are many far-reaching benefits for the use of olive oil in their lifestyle Eating healthy:

    * Olive oil is known for its many health benefits. In particular, fights bad cholesterol and raises good cholesterol.
    * All-pressed olive oil are good for our health, however, the first extra virgin olive oil pressed or has a much higher level of antioxidants.
    * An increase of the oil in the diet for at least a teaspoon a day is believed to decrease the risk of some cancers like bowel cancer.
    * There have been many reports linking the regular use of this oil in the diet to a decrease in symptoms of arthritis.

The incorporation of olive oil is part of a regular diet is not difficult. Can be used in most dishes and a lot of the time it is known that it was eating:

    * If you need oil to pan fry the meat, fish or chicken, olive oil is the obvious choice. It is not yet generally recommended for frying its low boiling point.
    * Oil is an excellent substitute for butter or margarine. It can be sprinkled on bread or toast before adding additional ingredients or simply to feed himself.
    * Boiled carrots, beans, mashed potatoes, cabbage and a wide selection of vegetables is greatly enhanced by drizzle of olive oil over them once served.
    * After gently fry tomatoes in oil, which can be topped with fresh basil leaves drizzled with olive oil and served with crisp garlic bread (garlic bread can also use crushed garlic mixed with olive oil .)
    * The olive oil with crushed garlic and vinegar makes a great summer salad preparation.

The oil also can be used on dry skin scales or occasionally a skin moisturizer. This oil is very healthy and versatile to be included in every kitchen.

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