Olive Oil Benefits : How to Treat Lice ?

Olive oil is the ideal substance to use to kill head lice. It is nontoxic, soothing to the skin and it is thick enough to coat the scalp and lice related. Lice must be removed with a lice comb or suffocated in at least eight hours to kill. This makes olive oil easier and faster than the process of hand picking lice.

To use olive oil to kill the lice, the entire scalp should be covered in it. Head lice live directly on the scalp, hanging on the scalp with small claws like hooks. It is therefore difficult to draw the bugs away from the scalp with a lice comb. However, olive oil is easily applied and sets each and every one of you want to kill lice.

To keep the oil on your head, you can place a shower cap over hair. This will seal in the oil and maintain contact with the scalp and lice. The shower cap must be kept in place for a day or overnight. During the night may be more comfortable and convenient for you.

Using a lice comb should follow the treatment of olive oil. If lice are left, get rid of the lice comb. After your treatment oil, hair wash thoroughly and put conditioner in it. While the air conditioner is still in your hair, use the lice comb to get rid of all remaining lice. Paint all parts of the hair, then rinse the conditioner.


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