Olive Oil and Head Lice : Head Lice Olive Oil Treatment

Olive oil can be a very effective ingredient for eliminating head lice, and is said to be able to dissolve exoskeleton of the louse. Here are some remedies that use olive oil.

Apply olive oil on the head and hair and cover with shower cap disposable and sleep on it overnight. The next day, use a metal lice comb to remove all head lice from dead hair. You must repeat this process several times every 10 days because it's time for remaining nits to hatch and the rehearsal process to ensure they are removed.

You can also add three tablespoons of olive oil, one teaspoon of tea tree oil and a teaspoon of eucalyptus oil in your shampoo. Mix thoroughly in your shampoo and apply on your hair and scalp. After that, do not rush to flush, but cover your hair and head with a shower cap for about 1 hour. Some have said they see the dead lice after 30 minutes.

Get a shampoo tea tree oil and add coconut, olive oil, tea tree oil and sweet almond oil for her. Make sure that this new shampoo mixture is well mixed before applying to the hair and scalp. Leave on for at least an hour before rinsing. Use a nit comb to remove nits and lice on the hair and use a hair dryer to dry your hair after. You can also choose to wash your hair again with your regular shampoo after using the shampoo newly mixed.

Another method is to obtain about 75 ml of olive oil. Add twenty drops of tea tree oil, twenty drops of essential oil of aniseed, twenty drops of eucalyptus and ten drops of lemon oil in olive oil. Apply this oil newly essential mixed thoroughly to the hair and scalp for about 1 hour before rinsing away.

Finally, you can also try mixing ten drops of lavender oil, ten drops of olive oil and ten drops of tea tree oil. Mix these essential oils and apply this mixture on the hair and scalp for at least 30 minutes. This will cause the lice on the hair change color white, which makes it easier to locate and pull the hair.

Once you've managed to eliminate head lice with these remedies, use a tea tree based shampoo regularly when you wash your hair. This will help keep head lice away and kill the remaining lice or nits that were left out.

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