Milling Citrus Olive Oils and Cooking

Olive continues to grind here at full throttle at the olive press, and we are entering what is probably the favorite time of year. This week we begin our grind citrus oils, and here at the factory, we are about to experience the most divine aromas you can imagine!

You see, unlike most other citrus oils on the market, we do our duty crushing citrus with whole olives - it all goes straight to the factory. Other companies simply add "flavor" of citrus or "essence" to infuse your olive oil mixture. Why do it this way? The essence of delicious fruit - the complex and aromatic oils is inside the shell. When the whole fruit of plant, as well as olives, you get more range of pure, more full of flavor and aroma into the bottle. You've never tasted a true citrus oil such as ours, every drop of oil is full of sweet, mellow flavor citrus.
This week our Olive Queen, Deborah, will be grinding away in our first round of fresh citrus oils: Lemon, Lime, Orange and Blood. These citrus oils are perfect all year round for all things sweet and savory, to play a salad or bake a cake. Need some help with recipes? Here is an overview of some of our favorite citrus-infused recipes for you to try at home.

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