Healthy Living with Olive Oil

Olive oil obtained from olives that are widely grown in the Mediterranean region. Is the favored means of cooking in all countries in this area and is extracted by pressing and pressing olives. It is available in different varieties that are governed by the amount of processing oil passes through. Extra virgin olive oil is said to be better and is less processed and obtained from the first pressing of the olives. Virgin grade is obtained from the second edition. The pure oil goes through a process of refining and filtering the light while the oil is subjected to considerable additional processing and only has a mild olive flavor. The olive tree is also now grown in Australia, where soil conditions have led to a good production of olive oil is considered one of the best in the world. The olives are first ground into a paste before the paste is placed in layers in the presses which then extract the oil. Modern processors instead of centrifuges used to extract the oil presses.

Olive oil is monounsaturated fat and be a natural juice flavor, aroma and vitamins of the original olive fruit to make their presence known. The oil can be consumed freshly squeezed and requires no treatment. Its high content of monounsaturated fatty acids and its high antioxidant content makes it a healthy food. Controls bad cholesterol and raises good cholesterol. The oil is easily tolerated by the digestive system and has a beneficial effect on ulcers, gastritis and heart disease. It activates the secretion of bile and pancreatic hormone production that helps all bodily processes and prevent the formation of gallstones.

extra virgin olive oil, oil from the first pressing has a high level of antioxidants, phenols and vitamin E. Heart disease is controlled by its consumption due to increase in good cholesterol. It also helps in preventing colon cancer and has almost the same beneficial effect as fish oils. While the extra virgin oil is the right to purchase and use, their availability is limited and olive oils generally available in supermarkets are commercial varieties that have been processed. Olive oils sold as pure in general, have a little extra virgin olive oil added to it. Olive oil is also mixed with other vegetable oils and the true enthusiast who prefer olive oil to buy extra virgin olive oil, even if at higher cost.

Olive oil needs care in storage and should be kept away from light and heat. The container should be tightly closed as the oxygen in the air can cause it to go stale. Olive oil has been around for centuries and even now, ancient Roman shipwrecks found around the world carrying sealed ballot boxes containing olive oil. Even in ancient times, the Romans considered enough oil for transport in their various adventures for them to eat healthy.

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