Healthy Cooking With Olive Oil and Vegetable Oil

There was a time when the movement of health and fitness we are warned of the dangers of lard and vegetable oil that he says was a better choice when cooked. These days, professionals are warning of the dangers of many vegetable oils and full of praise Gourmet extra virgin olive oil as a healthier cooking oil.

The health benefits of extra virgin olive oil, are being discovered every day it seems. Once this oil is believed that only benefits the skin. Now, new studies have shown that extra virgin olive oil is very nice facility may delay or even prevent the growth of some types of cancer cells.

So you see, is not a healthy option that can be used to cook for her family. Gourmet olive oil is extra virgin! Let's forget about the health benefits for a moment. This oil just know better than most soft vegetable oils on the market. Not only that, but the first pressing extra virgin olive oil may have distinctive taste depending on which region of the world is

In recent decades, California has begun to produce some fine extra virgin olive oil that can rival that of the best oils from Italy, Spain, Greece and other traditional produce this valuable oil. Try some oil producers in California and see if it is not as good as the more traditional producers from around the world.

When cooking with olive oil, remember that EVOO should never be used in higher cooking temperatures. For this type of cuisine, you'll want to get the oil mixed with canola oil or attempting to use olive oil labeled "pure." These types of oils have a higher smoke point than EVOO.

Now you can improve the sanitary quality of food to serve your family and enhance the flavor, simply by switching to vegetable oil to a gourmet olive oil. And the price is right too, many are surprised at how affordable it is when compared with vegetable oil.

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