For a Healthy Diet Buy the Infused Olive Oil

Olive oil is often used as the basis for great tasting salads, meat sauces and marinades. Italians love to dip their bread in olive oil or drizzle infusion in pizzas and dishes just before serving.

How the right oil for cooking and eating is not so simple. It is necessary to consider the following factors:

Pure or virgin olive oil

Not all olive oils are equal. The highest quality oil you can get is called extra virgin olive oil extracted from fruit carefully selected within 48 hours after harvest. No chemicals are used and the temperature is not applied during the extraction to preserve the health giving properties and the natural flavor of the fruit. Oil obtained immediately after harvest and extracted without using chemicals or high temperatures is known as extra virgin olive oil, while all other extraction and processing of oil is marketed as "pure" or " light. "Light" refers not to the fat content of foods, but indicates a lighter color of the oil as a result of treatment.

Country of origin

Olive oil is produced throughout the world through different types of olives, which are mostly of Mediterranean origin. Some European producers, however, reports, chemicals or high temperatures during extraction so that the oil produced is no longer healthy nutrients than virgin oil is known. This practice of labeling of inferior oil as extra virgin "is not permitted due to the absence of an official body that can test products before certifying them as" extra virgin. "

In Australia, an industry association imposes strict rules for the selection of fruits and processing before allowing them to label their products as "extra virgin." Petroleum products go through testing to confirm chemical taste and high quality.

Why the extra virgin olive oil?

The distinctive flavor comes from oil polyphenols or plant compounds found in extra virgin olive oil. The heat and chemicals used in extraction destroys the compounds resulting in the loss of natural fruit flavor. Apart from losing the flavor of the oil, processing cancels the health benefits many of them associated with it. These include:

    * Anti inflammatory: polyphenols protect the plant against damage and work and to protect cells in the human body. One study has found as polyphenols found in the oil can help people suffering from oxidative stress, the main cause of degenerative diseases such as cancer.
    Good for the heart: virgin olive oil contains high levels of monounsaturated fat, a good fat that lowers bad cholesterol, prevent hypertension and coronary heart disease.

When choosing infused olive oil in delicatessens and gourmet shops for the needs of your kitchen, buy only from a trusted source that is certified according to industry standards.

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