Flavor infused olive oil : Flavor Infusion Process

Olive oil, like a good whiskey is aged in order to obtain optimum flavor and consistency. Very few people do not enjoy the natural taste and try to buy brands that have flavors infused with thyme, garlic, and rosemary (perhaps because they do not want to take the time to do it themselves).
The infusion process works, first take the regular olive oil or extra virgin kind and pour through filters from the top lot in a large metal pot. This step removes the small impurities and makes the oil really soft and easy to incorporate into recipes.
Then, fresh herbs like rosemary and garlic are collected and placed in a cheese cloth is tied and placed on the lot.
While herbs and garlic are soaking in the pot, the lot is left in a cool place for about 4 weeks to absorb and incorporate all the flavors. Following this process four weeks of infusion, the batch is tested for taste.
Depending on the level of flavor desired, the process can be repeated by adding more of a particular herb, spices or other ingredients.
The last step in the process is to place the olive oil use in containers can fit on a shelf in the kitchen.
large-scale producers to follow a process very similar to the infusion of their products (with a few additional steps associated) with herbs and flavors. However, the main difference between the process described above in the kitchen and a manufacturing environment is the type of equipment used to create the final product.

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