Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Anti-Aging - Health Benefits

Remove a significant amount of weight can help you look years younger. In addition to losing pounds, eating certain foods also have a positive effect on the aging process. According to scientists at the University of Florence in Italy, extra virgin olive oil produces such positive effects.
The property offers its olive oil anti-aging effect are called polyphenols. This is a group of chemicals found in plants that are believed to have antioxidant properties. As such they are capable of fighting chemicals called free radicals that have been associated with aging. They also help with immune system collapse, heart disease and cancer.
Based on their findings, the researchers concluded that olive oil extra-virgin was able to help promote healthy aging by protecting cells from free radicals produced naturally during metabolism. On a side note, the researchers found that also had a protective effect on blood pressure.
Use Extra Virgin Olive Oil
To use oil, here are some suggestions.
1. Store in a cool, heat has a detrimental effect on the oil, causing spoil faster. So, when you save it, place it above the stove. To ensure you have a long shelf life, store in a cool, dark, and light also breaks down the oil.
2. Cooking temperature for all oils have a smoke point, which is the temperature at which oil begins to decompose and the smoke is clear. Compared with other oils like corn oil, olive oil has a low smoke point. So when cooking with oil, stay below 375 degrees F (190 degrees C).
3. Spend wisely Some olive oils are very expensive. However, the fact that spending more does not mean that you are getting better quality. If the oil is a trusted brand, so quality is probably high. Besides the quality, the ultimate indicator will taste.
So to sum things up, to slow the aging effect, add the extra virgin olive oil to your diet. If you do, the age at which you can really be nothing more than a number.

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