Cooking With Extra Virgin Olive Oil

I can use the extra virgin olive oil freely and without discrimination. Sign in salad dressings, marinades and bottom of pans, is sprayed into the blender of humus, dumped in the vegetables for roasting and smeared on cast iron pans. I love the smell, taste and sound olivey my most expensive can do, that I bought because I loved the design and now prefers cheaper my olive oil.

I started to realize, however, that my ways may be promiscuous a downside. The "smoke point" of an oil (the temperature at which it begins to burn and break down) is quite low for the extra virgin olive oil (320 degrees Fahrenheit) in fact is 50% lower than both the more refined / processing extra-light olive oil and corn oil.

Why this topic? Because the smoke point oil begins to give off gas, the flavor deteriorates and nutrients decrease. Not that is so terrible to use more oil is "smoke point" is just that and not getting the qualities of the oil it is likely that you chose in the first place. I still sometimes use butter, brown the meat, for example, although I know I could smoke, simply because I prefer a little sweet butter, even at the risk of a whiff of sweet smoke.

As a general rule, vegetable oils tend to have a higher smoke point than animal fats (you can cook corn oil temps more butter) and more refined oil has a higher smoke point than the less developed (olive canola can withstand high temps but the flax seed oil can not and "light" olive oil is more stable than the pure.)

It is also noted that coconut oil is a saturated fat (like butter and lard) and for some people, consumption of it can lead to increased cholesterol levels. There is increasing evidence, however, that high cholesterol is not a cause of heart disease and consumption of whole foods with high levels of cholesterol (butter, eggs) does not increase the chances of contracting the disease. Excessive levels of trans fats and excess gross consumption of all foods, you sick faster than a tablespoon of butter in the pan.

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