Cooking Tips, Cooking Ideas with Olive Oil

Some people do not use olive oil in recipes and cooking due to some urban myths surrounding the olive oil. There are cooks who think there are special circumstances or procedures to be used before using this olive oil. I'm here to tell you to stop worrying, you buy a bottle of EVOO and start cooking. Here are some tips you need to take into account and some cooking ideas to help you along.

First, never use extra virgin or virgin olive oil for cooking at high temperatures. The oil breaks down and loses its flavor. If you must use high temperatures to cook, look for an oil labeled "pure" or simply "olive oil." These oils are more refined and have a higher smoking point.

Also note that the oil be kept in a cool, dark place. Sunlight and high temperatures it breaks down the oil rancid.

Olive oil can be used instead of butter in some dishes. There are plenty of conversion tables on the internet, find one and print it and keep it handy. Use the next time you do not want to use butter in recipes and see how it turns out. In addition, OO help keep the butter from burning. Just add a little butter.

I like to brush Olive Oil prepared lasagna noodles. This makes them easier to handle for your recipes.

Instead of using butter, margarine, mayonnaise, mustard or ketchup on your sandwich, try spreading a extra virgin olive oil on the sandwich to give food a robust flavor without all the calories. Bread or toast is also great with the extension on it EVOO instead of butter.

Use EVOO or Virgin Olive Oil in your favorite recipe stir fry. Just remember not to get the oil very hot. Remove the vegetables from the pan and sprinkling with fresh herbs for a meal to remember.

Now you have several ways to incorporate this healthy oil in your diet. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a spice that can be used in almost any dish, cooked or not. Try some today!

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