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Mary Heiland, Naples owner of the Olive Oil Company, has two minutes of fame when she appeared on Lifetime TV's "The Balancing Act" on January 10, in a segment espousing the benefits of daily consumption of olive oil.
Drink one to two ounces in front of an empty stomach every morning offers maximum health benefits, "said Heiland. Studies have shown that they can reduce cholesterol levels, serve as an anti-inflammatory risk and the decline of several diseases including heart disease, cancer and osteoporosis. olive oil quality is also high in vitamin E.

"It's great for hair, nails and skin," adds Heiland.

The guest experience at the O2 Media on the East Coast was wonderful, "said Heiland. However, not just compared with another TV appearance that was years ago, long before she developed a passion for olive oil.
Always the entrepreneur, Heiland was among business enterprises in 1993 when he decided to make a trip to see the Oprah Winfrey Show in Chicago with some friends. When Oprah announced that select 13 members of the audience to attend an acting school of her dreams, Heiland was determined to be selected.

His perpetual smile and assertive nature quickly won over the producers. After a week of training, Heiland was called to live to interpret the dream of a member of the studio audience of Oprah.

"It was very surreal," Heiland said, adding he was surprisingly relaxed during the whole process. "It was very empowering."

While Heiland was not spoiled during the recording of "Balancing Act" segment, which was so passionate about the topic.

"The key to all olive oil is fresh," said Beth Balancing Act Troutman. Although you will pay more for "pedigree" olive oils, and Heiland likes to call their products simply do not compare to the supermarket brands, he said.

"What makes us so different is that we have an exclusive supplier that sources from both hemispheres," said Heiland. That means fresh olives, which are pressed within three days after being chosen the method of first cold pressing, ie without chemicals or heat used in the process. Thus, the oil retains its nutritional value, with a high count of polyphenols.

"Polyphenols are antioxidants in the oil that are good for you," said Heiland as his associate Jones Missy emulsified oil samples served with balsamic vinegar in North Naples location in green tree in the center of Immokalee Road.

"The smell of the field in this case," said Jones as she gave a mixture of blood orange extra virgin olive oil and raspberry balsamic vinegar, as if it were a fine wine.

Then came the extravagant suggestions for your flavor infused oils: they poured over pancakes, mixed with popcorn and ice cream finish.

olive oil over vanilla blood orange is a favorite and one of the staff regularly offers to visitors. Customers are surprised to taste the delicacy of Orange Creamsicle similar.

"It's fun to educate people and get aroused by thinking outside the box," said Jones, a former sous-chef from California.

Heiland admits he is not very good cook, but says she can do amazing things with only a "boil and drizzle", ie the pasta and drizzle olive oil on top, with a few fresh ingredients, such as mushrooms and spinach mixed in. Then, mixtures of oil and vinegar - they say mushrooms and sage oil with balsamic vinegar olive figure - a salad dressing. Viola!

"You really can fool people on the flavors just emulsifiers, and people think you spent all afternoon doing some exotic sauce," he said. "It's fun to just experiment."

Naples Olive Oil Company offers 10 varieties of extra virgin olive oil, flavored oils melt 11 and 24 different flavors of balsamic vinegar. The natural oil Butter tastes surprisingly like the real thing and can be replaced with butter in any recipe, Heiland said. A new flavor, pear, blueberry, will be very soon.

Naples olive oil is sold at several farmers markets in the area, including the Coconut Point, Thursdays and Saturdays Walk. However, the full range of flavors and mixes the sample is available only in tasting Gallery of Naples.

Heiland set his goal this way: ". We are trying to create a community of fans"

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